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The Retail Management course is a management course aimed specifically at the small retail environment. The Training Academy's aim is to help with the social, economical development and growth of staff through education and training of the highest quality in the retail sector, to the mutual advantage of the employers as well as their employees. In 2014 this course is being presented for the seventh time after the excellent feedback that had been received about the previous courses.


The Retail Management course consists of nine different modules which are to be completed over a period of one year. Specific modules can be attended separately, or the course as a whole. Each module takes one month to complete and includes two contact days (sessions), after which each student has a project which he/she must complete on his/her own during the rest of the month. Learners are assessed per successfully completed module and allocated the credits per unit standard completed. Once a learner has completed all nine modules successfully, they will be able to, with a little bit of additional work, submit their whole portfolio for assessment against the National certificate in retail management. The advantages of assessing per module are that learners will get the benefit of attending separate modules and receiving credit for attending each. They do not forfeit credits if they do not attend all nine modules.


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After presenting the Retail Management course with huge success, Agrinet identified the need for further courses in retail management. An advanced course was developed and presented for the first time in July 2011 for students that already completed the Retail Management course. The curriculum was developed with great care according to specific industry needs, and only students that have already completed the Retail Management course can enrol for the Advanced Retail Management course.

The Advanced Retail Management course consists of six different modules that must be completed over a period of six months.

Customer service, merchandising & selling

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Excellent client service is one of the most important characteristics of any successful business. The purpose of the "Front-House" course is to provide the salesperson with more confidence to optimize sales by giving each client that enters their shop, the buying experience of a lifetime. The course is a combination of the most important aspects of the first four retail modules and is perfectly suitable for junior personnel.


The course is presented by Annie Baptiste, a retail and smallholding devolopment specialist. Annie Baptiste owns her own training business in which she specializes in the development and presentation of training material. She is also the author of the book "The Five Radical Rules of Marketing" which was published in 2005.


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This one-day intensive programme was specifically designed for the retail environment and is suitable to all staff members who work on the front line. It is a well-known fact that customers experience Moments of Truth in any business they enter. These moments include the first interaction with a staff member as well as the point of purchase. In most retail businesses this means that the cashier has a huge role to play in the over-all customer experience. This course should empower staff members to deal with everyday situations in a better manner and also ensure the growth of the business.


Roleplays based on commonly experienced situations form an integral part of this course.


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The Technical Irrigation course consists of two modules, namely (1) Pump Selection and Garden Irrigation Design (3 days) and a more advanced module for the more experienced person, namely (2) Advanced Pump Selection and Drip-micro Irrigation (3 days).

The purpose of the first module is to make students aware of the variety of irrigation equipment, thus to expand their basic product knowledge. This is a very practical course and the students will have spent a certain period of time in the workshop to gain a better understanding of irrigation equipment in general. The aim of the pump selection and garden irrigation design part is to teach students how to design an effective and inexpensive garden irrigation system, whereas in the pump selection section, the students learn how to select the correct pump for a specific application. Pipeline design and connections are also discussed in detail.

The Advanced Pump Selection and Drip-micro Irrigation module is a new module to be presented for the fourth time in 2013. The purpose of the advanced course is to discuss pump selection and drip-micro irrigation in more detail so that students can improve their existing ability and confidence to advise clients in connection with their specific needs.

Students are evaluated after completion of every module and the passrate is 75%. Unfortunately course attendants are not allowed to start with the second module before the first module has been completed succesfully.


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Within a few years, the way we learn will not look the same as it does today. With the rising transportation and accommodation costs, Agrinet has recognised the enormous benefits of online training and learning. Online training and learning saves money all the way around.


That is why we have decided to developed customised Online Training modules for our clients. If you are interested, please give us a call to present a live demonstration. We can create whatever you need!



Training videos are exactly what the title says - videos made for the purpose of training. Video has long been recognized as a valuable teaching medium because it can effectively convey to students and instructor's visual clues, for example, gestures, posture and facial expressions that aid communication and comprehension. Decades of research show body language is the single most important element in verbal communication.


A professionally produced video will engage and hold the viewer's attention better than any other medium. Using video to train clients will give your company a competitive edge. Video brings the viewer right inside your facility to see the entire production process, including the quality of materials and workmanship that goes into your company's products and services. A professionally produced training video can be designed to complement your already existing printed material.

An example of an Agrinet Product Training video can be seen on YouTube: